Hello I'm Dmitry Nesterov

I'm a Industrial Designer

Thank you for visiting this page! Here I will talk about the beginning of my journey, the history of development and the concept of the Cronohome brand.

I am a person who has been not indifferent to art since childhood; I have always been inspired by beautiful and functional design in all its forms, from website design and printed products to architectural design, industrial design, and the design of things. I searched for myself in projects that affected a variety of areas, such as IT, the social sphere, the production of new products, and industrial design. I tried myself as a product manager and project manager to understand the specifics of the work of teams that bring together a variety of professionals and people who are passionate about creating new and interesting things and projects. Over a fairly long period of my life, I tried to accumulate more experience and knowledge in a variety of industries, kept my finger on the pulse, followed fashion trends, new technologies and developments, because I always knew that one day I would work on my personal project and that’s it this will be useful to me.

The birth of my brand started small. I have always been inspired by metal and its versatility in design. I studied different ways of processing and using this material, in particular, I mastered casting. In search of expanding the range of forms used in design, as well as for the possibility of combining materials of different texture and texture, I continued to delve into the specifics of working with wood. In order to bring to life all my design ideas that are constantly tormenting my head, I began a deep study of parametric design programs, and then it was time to take up the study of working on small CNC machines.
Over time, I became determined to create an international brand of home goods that would reflect my creative ideas and be able to compete on an equal footing in the global market. The path to realizing my dream resulted in what is now the Cronohome brand.

Cronohome is a project that, first of all, is focused on creating a unique, original, interesting design of products that we see every day: lamps, vases, panels and paintings, kitchen accessories, figurines – in a word, everything that should decorate our everyday life and create comfort, convey the personal taste and style of the owner of these things. In this regard, a very important condition for our production is the use of predominantly natural materials that are not subject to deterioration over time: brass and copper, ceramics, glass, wood. Where necessary, we use plastic components, such as sockets for lamps or a switch button or diffuser, but that’s probably all. I am glad that I design and select almost every new product design myself in order to understand exactly whether everything will be convenient for the buyer, whether everything works as it should.

Our company employs a designer, ceramist and artist who produce ceramics, as well as create paintings and panels. We have never purchased anything in ready-made batches, although such a business is much simpler and more profitable, and we consider this our distinctive feature. When I launched my brand, I always saw the point in it, only on the condition that my team and I would create things that truly have value: as a piece of art, as an expression of our acquired experience, craftsmanship and taste.

We manufacture some of our products in advance, and you can receive the product you are interested in as soon as possible, and some are created personally for you, so we are always in touch to clarify and discuss all the nuances that interest you.
When purchasing a product on our website, you can count on personal communication with me or the handmade artist and ceramicist regarding any questions you may have, be it delivery, quality or lead times.

I hope to see you on the list of our regular customers!
Founder of the project,

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