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Time-inspired ideas envisioned in sustainable home goods

The Philosophy and way of thinking

Cronohome’s philosophy and mission is to make art and design accessible and understandable to everyone. We believe that everyone deserves to have beauty in their life and we do everything we can to make that a reality.

We are also proud that our prices remain in the average price range, despite the fact that our products are characterized by a local production, handmade work, assembly and original design.

Our goal is to grow a company that will serve not only those who understand design, but also everyone who values uniqueness and quality. Our mission is to make products accessible to everyone so that they can decorate their home with unique items that bring joy and inspiration.

By creating our unique products, we implement in them not only our professional skills, but also a part of ourselves. We are proud to offer you products enriched with our own emotions and passion, which we put into each product.

100% Independent brand

We value the art of handcrafting and take pride in every product we make. There is something special in the details of our products that makes them unique. Our craftsmen take incredible care and attention to ensure we deliver the highest quality products.

For us there is no place for mass production in foreign factories and automation. If it is wood, every detail is carefully hand-polished. If it is ceramics, then each product is molded by hand, without using standard molds, which makes each product a unique work of art. Even products made of brass and copper are finished by hand. These metals have a special color magic that adds a unique character and mystery to each product.

We believe that it is the warmth of our hands that gives our products uniqueness, individuality. Our hearts give them special energy.

We pride ourselves on being a completely independent brand, covering every step of the creation of our unique products. From the moment the idea is conceived, we ourselves bring it to life. We do not outsource or outsource production. We carefully select the materials used in production, monitor every stage of creation, assemble, manually carry out final processing, create packaging and send each product on its way to its owner. All this is done exclusively by our team of craftsmen and craftswomen to ensure the highest quality products and convey our passion and dedication in every product.

Author's design

We come up with all our products ourselves.

We have the courage to offer you what we think is worthy of your attention. We love experimenting and get inspired when you like our designs.

Our passion lies in discovering new things and we are happy that wonderful people from different parts of the world share these feelings and appreciate what we create. Your interest in our designs helps us evolve as a business and offer new designs for you.

Concept of the "Harp" lamp by our designer Dmitry

The power of nature

We are fans of clean and natural beauty, which is why we use mainly natural materials in our products. Every product we create is inspired by nature, and we strive to capture that natural beauty through our work.

Wood, stone, clay and metal are our main allies in creating unique objects of art. Each of these materials has its own unique texture and character, and we approach their use with respect.

We believe that using natural materials is not only a way to create beautiful and functional products, but also a way to care for the environment. Our products exude natural beauty and harmony, and we hope they can bring you joy and inspiration by bringing a piece of nature into your life.

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